OSNT skin is Oily, Sensitive, Non-Pigmented and Tight

Use the proper products every day to change your OSNT skin type to the ideal skin type, ORNT.

Baumann Skin Type Number 6

OSNT Skin has only 1 barrier to skin health:

What Is OSNT’s Barrier To Skin Health?

  • Inflammation— Sensitive Baumann Skin Types have underlying inflammation. DSNT skin types often have one more of the following: acne. rosacea. stinging or contact dermatitis.

  • Acne is very common in OSNT Baumann Skin Types.

Product Advice for OSNT’s

  • Cleanser—Avoid foaming cleansers

  • Moisturizer—Use barrier repair moisturizers with MLE technology or ceramides. fatty acids and cholesterol

  • Anti-acne Products- lfyou have acne, you skin should be able to tolerate retinoids and benzoyl peroxide. Using the proper cleanser and moisturizer will help OSNTs tolerate any prescription medications.

Because of its sensitivity and inflammation, your skin has not reached its optimal health potential. Follow our tips to change your skin type to the ideal skin type, ORNT.